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About the Author       

Janice Wills Kingsbury is a passionate author of children’s literature. Her read-along books about animals are favored children’s books by kids of all ages.

Janice tells a family story in all of her literature, creating kids’ fiction that is loved by children and adults alike. 

Janice worked as a teacher and School Psychologist for 20 years in public school.

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Here are titles available by Janice Wills Kingsbury:

Now Available 
Lexi Goes on Vacation to the Outer Banks
Chihuahuas Like Cheese
Saving Petunia

Ghost Crabs Like Deviled Eggs

Available at retail stores in the Outer Banks, North Carolina and www.amazon.com


About the Books

Full color illustrations appeal to children and make the book come alive. The action and adventure encourage children to read to the end and learn new vocabulary. Even reluctant readers will want to finish the story.

For more information about the picture books and kids’ stories written by Janice, talk with the author today at 856-912-9528 or email [email protected].